La Martinière Henri de

From Martinière, Volubilis, 1888

Henri Poisson of La Martinière, France, 1859-1922.

His work, « Volubilis, Domus Augusta, imperial forum ", 1884, on albumen paper, is kept in the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Paris. He had been sent on an archaeological mission in 1882, to Volubilis and Lixus and then fulfills diplomatic functions in Tangier. Somehow, the photographic work of La Martinière is similar to the work of the first generation of photographers who gave importance above all to monuments and landscapes, in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. It would be interesting to study all the work of the French scientific missions in Morocco before the establishment of the protectorate. He published : Souvenirs from Morocco and a photograph, the only one that exists to our knowledge, du sultan Moulay el Hassan (Library of the Maison de la Photographie)
Long before being a diplomat, La Martinière was sent on a mission by the Ministry of Public Instruction to Morocco : he then visited Volubilis, Lixus, Wednesday. There is at the National Library an album of 34 signed photos, of 1887 (gift in 1888). It is not possible for us to establish a link between La Martinière and Henri Duveyrier, who made several photographs in Morocco in 1884, which we know of an album of 17 photographs at the National Library ; La Martinière carried out and published important scientific works.
Resident in Tangier of 1882 at 1889, he will be appointed to Algiers in 1889, then at the head of the French legation in Tangier in 1900-1901 and ambassador to Tehran in 1909.

1884 : itinerary from Tangier to Meknes and Fez, and a plan of the surroundings of Fez by Captain Thomas.
1885 : he accompanied the consul Féraud to Meknes and Fez and proposed a diagram of the research of antiquities.
1892 : he went from Tangier to Oujda, passing through Ouezzane.
1894-95 : he made the map of Morocco in 1/800 000th mentioning the tribes, wadis and villages.

The main sources are at the Institut de France and the National Library (Ms 4646 : Views and ruins of Tandja el Balia, Oued el Halk, Oued el Yhoud, Lixus, Ksar is Serir.
The newspaper Liberation published a Special Report on 17 July 2001.
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"Itinerary from Fez to Oujda, followed in 1891 ». Publication in the Geography and History and Description Bulletin, 1895.
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"Souvenirs of Morocco", 1897. The Maison de la Photographie has a unique set of glass plates in a box offered to the President of the Republic.