The collection

The Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech is above all a collection of archives on Morocco and Africa. This collection was put together by Hamid Mergani and Patrick Manac’h. It includes approximately 10 000 documents for the period 1870- 1960. 
– Photos(Morocco and Africa)
– Glass plates : In the collection, a rare set of 800 glass plates on the High Atlas.
– The documentaries : The most famous documentary of La Maison de la Photographie is that of Daniel Chicault : “Landscapes and faces of the High Atlas”, colors, 1957.  
– Postcards : the exhaustive set of postcards on Marrakech and many themes : ex. the wadis, les mehallas, scenes and types, judaica… 
– The documents : library, magazines …  
– The collection receives donations and is constantly enriched by purchases. The Maison de la Photographie is active in numerous partnerships in Morocco (Essaouira Festival, Schools…), in various countries (France, Romania, Senegal…).