Donation Christien de Koning

Color documentary film directed by Doctor Gerard de Koning in Morocco in 1951-1953.
The sound of the documentary is underway with the support of NIMAR and the Pêcheurs de Perles endowment fund.

Donation René Bertrand

Born in 1910. He appears as the photographer of Marrakech. Of 1933 to years 1980, Bertrand, postcard and print editor, has a gallery in the new town, the Guéliz district. Throughout his career, he focused his interest on cities and southern regions. After independence, he was chosen to participate in the creation of the first Ministry of Tourism, proof of his sincere attachment to Morocco. Although most of his work is for sale, Bertrand's photographs often give the impression of having been taken for personal use. Besides his activity as a photographer, René Bertrand conducted ethnological research on the Berber tribes of the High Atlas. His research work gives rise in 1977 to the publication of a book, Berber tribes of the High Atlas (Library House of Photography, Marrakech), made in collaboration with his son André.

Donation Charles Henneghien

Charles Henneghien (birth in Belgium in 1935) likes to define himself as "an animal photographer specializing in the human species ».
Pulmonologist, Charles Henneghien lived in Morocco and looked after minors from 1962 to 1970. In 1971, he got his press card and traveled the world as a photographer and journalist.
From 1978, he continued his activities with his wife Paulette Henneghien.
The collaboration of the Henneghien spouses with many Belgian and French periodicals and the publication of many books established their reputation.. Paulette and Charles Henneghien have mastered a didactic style, very close to the populations.

Donation Jean Pierre and Marie Odile Evrard

Photography: door knocker of the Sidi Abou Medina mosque, Tlemcen. Albumen paper, circa 1860

A series of albumen prints taken by Joseph Augustin Pedra (1806-1879), in Tlemcen. This donation completes the Pedra archives of the Maison de la Photographie. The Marinid Sultan Abu Fares built the El Halaoui Mosque in Tlemcen. Pedra's work illustrates the vast area of ​​Moroccan artistic influence.
This photographer, House painter, opened a studio in Tlemcen in 1857, where he met Gustave de Beaucorps in 1859 [1]. We attach here a rare photograph taken in Tlemcen by Beaucorps (detail of the door of the mosque of Bou Medina, albumen paper, 1859)
Omar Benachenhou, referring to the travelogue of the Englishman Knox, delivers a moving anecdote about him.
Alexander A. London traveler Knox visiting Tlemcen (after 1879) left us his meeting with Pedra's wife: “…We had asked the hotel to go to a street near the main square, it was, if I remember correctly, called “la ruelle Sidi Yeddoune », to get photographs of Tlemcen. We knocked on a door where there were some pictures in a glass cabinet against the wall. An old woman opened the door for us: “Ah, my dear sir, this poor Pedra is dead; i am his widow” [2]. It saddens us to hear it, and we were about to leave when the old lady begged us to come in saying that the presence of the travelers is a blessing to her and that it was an act of charity that a person bought her photographs. We had selected some photos, and we asked if there were any others, she told us she will make more from the negatives: “I can easily do it, I am a handyman like my son “Ah! my poor son! " she says, and she burst into tears. We tried with a few words to soothe and console her and then we asked her if she could tell us her story maybe this will ease her pain: “Ah!, the other day my poor son shot himself, he fell dead on this slab still stained with his blood….The boy had Spanish blood in his veins from his father's side while the mother was a French.” [3].

[1] : Gustave de Beaucorps, photographer (1825 – 1906) Calotypes, "The call of the East", 1858 – 1861. Thauré, Rérolle, Lebrun, Museums of Saintes and Poitiers, 1992.
[2] : no doubt Juliana Ruth.
[3] : It is undoubtedly Grégoire Antoine Pedra.

Donation Jacques Willemont

The Jacques Willemont donation enriched the collection on the world of gnawas. Willemont was a close collaborator of Viviana Paques and made a significant contribution to making the gnawas known.
The Maison de la Photographie organized an exhibition on the work of Jacques Willemont during the Gnawa festival of Essaouira in 2015, and published a catalog ” Gnawa, Beyond music, tribute to Viviana Easter“.

Donation Alberto Rainholter

All the recordings made by Alberto Rainholter on the Square constitute a precious testimony. His series on graffiti is a rare testimony to Essaouira.

Donation Ana Muller

Ana Muller, daughter of Nicolas Muller, also contributed with a generous donation of photographs taken in Morocco from 1939 at 1946. We permanently show the Muller fund.

Donation Jean Pierre Evrard

The Jean Pierre Evrard donation is in a way a Memory of the future. It is a key testimony to a generation that we saw for the first time during the exhibition "Le Désir du Maroc" at the Hôtel de Sully - 1999-2000.
The testimonies of this generation are as important as the photographers of the previous decade, André Gamet, Almasy for example, are rare in the collection.

Donation Daniel Chicault

The first significant donation was that of Daniel Chicault, and his documentaries filmed in Morocco in 1957. Since, they are seen by thousands of visitors and help to make known an essential aspect of the rich Moroccan culture, Berber.
Films and photographs.