Rosine Mazin in Morocco, 1969-1971

20 November 2021 – 20 February 2022

Fantasia au Moussem moulay Abdellah, El Jadida, 1969-1971

In the years following World War II, the Souissi studio installed in Rabat brought together photographers, filmmakers, in the service of government policy. Among them talented photographers, inspired by the ethics of the Musée de l'Homme in Paris and by great predecessors - we will remember Jean Besancenot - did a magnificent job in Morocco. The Maison de la Photographie is committed to showing the photographic work of these artists.

Rosine Mazin, born in 1942, winner of the Vaugirard school, joined the Souissi studio in Rabat from 1969 at 1971. The studio had quality equipment dedicated to the cinematographic promotion of Morocco.

Rosine Mazin traveled through Morocco, crossed the Atlas, undoubtedly liked the warm relations with the population, the unique atmosphere of its markets, of his fantasies, the beauty of the landscapes and the architecture.

In 2019, Rosine Mazin got in touch with the Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech. By consulting its archives in Paris in 2021, we discovered the richness of his work, the same "double gaze", so much the color work is different from the black and white work. A set of negatives illustrates the earthen architecture of southern Morocco, precious testimony of the state of the heritage over the years 1970. Other negatives are much closer to everyday and popular life. In all cases, Rosine Mazzin, young and amazed shows a fascination for Morocco.

The Maison de la Photographie publishes two notebooks:

  • Earthen architectures, «Rosine Mazin, 1969-1971. »
  • Rosine Mazin in Morocco 1969-1971.